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U.S. Life Pros and Cons

U.S. Life Pros and Cons

The United States of America is a country of freedom, democracy and great opportunities. Millions of people around the world every year playing a Green Card Lottery for getting the right to live and work in the U.S..

Life in America at first sight seems carefree. However, despite the wealth of the country, a typical American has heavily a lot of debts. Take a loan for buying the car is a common thing. Moreover, some Americans take even iPhones on trust, however, specifically to form their credit history. Absence of debts on loans will help to rent good housing in large cities, because it is simply unrealistic to buy an apartment in megacities for an American.

The propertyBig City

The prices of real estate in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago is just cosmic, and it’s more profitable to rent an apartment for an ordinary person. But it certainly will not have a washing machine, so local people prefer to use laundry services. This allows you to save on water and electricity.


Life in the American metropolis does not provide for the presence of a car. People move by subway and taxi. But in the suburbs, the greatest costs go to the maintenance of the car. In addition to gasoline and spare parts, you also have to pay tax on the car. The amount of this tax depends on the size, type and year of manufacture of the car. As much new car, as more you have to pay tax.


A large number of taxes is compensated by the spread of prices. Buy products can be in specialty wholesalers with very favorable prices. Therefore, local once in two weeks make food stocks. However, you can not save on vegetables and fruits in America. Healthy organic food here is expensive. Perhaps that’s why most Americans go to cheap fast food. Hamburgers, French fries and desserts, of course, affect the figure. The problem of excess weight is the hottest in the states. The government even wants to impose a tax on the purchase of chips and sweet water.

But surprising in America, the local rights. In the store you can return things and even food. If the product turned out to be substandard, shop must compensate its cost for the buyers.