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Work visa in the USA: what documents are needed?

First of all, before submitting documents, you need to find an employer. The next step will be the submission of documents to the American consulate.

What documents are required for a US work visa:

  • letter of invitation from a company in the United States (it can be both an individual and a legal entity);
  • DS-160 form (filled in on the consulate website);
  • Before submitting the application, you need to pay the consular fee and make an appointment for an interview. An interview is a mandatory step in obtaining a work visa. For an interview, you need to take all the specified documents (diploma and work – originals), an invitation to an interview and confirmation of the application.
  • Form ETA-9035. This form is completed by the employer and sent to the Department of Labor before you submit the documents;
  • the employer’s permission confirming that he can hire a foreigner;
  • a certificate from the employer indicating the position and average salary;
  • a copy of the diploma and work book;
  • a license to carry out a specific activity (if necessary);
  • documents demonstrating the level of qualifications (diplomas, certificates, etc.);
  • confirmation of the presence of property (apartment, car, money in a bank account, business, etc.);
  • personal documents: foreign and civil passport, marriage certificate, photo.

Please note that the application must be submitted 3 months before the appointed date of employment. In this case, you must enter no later than 10 days before the start of the contract. Prepare documents carefully and do not try to falsify them: if the truth is revealed, you may be banned from entering the country. If successful, your family members can also come and live in the United States, but without the right to work (H4 visa).

Work visa in the USA