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“Time to Heal”: Can Joe Biden “Heal” the USA?

Joe Biden: time to heal

Without any doubts, 2020 made its own adjustments and had a heavy impact on the economic and political situations of all countries. And the United States is no exception. And therefore, the election of a new American president has become one of the most discussed topic in the world and topped all possible ratings.

According to the latest data, 77-year-old Democrat Joe Biden won the presidential elections. He not only became the oldest president of the United States, but also deprived his predecessor, Donald Trump, of the opportunity to be reelected.

It is worth recalling that since 1993, all the heads of the American state have been re-elected to the second line.

Needless to say, Biden also received the maximum number of votes in US history, and this is during the increasing of the Covid pandemic. Millions of Americans, despite the threat to their health, came to the elections in order to change the life of their country for the better.

Of course, everyone understands well that it will not be very easy for Joe Baden to deal with all the problems: unemployment, racial inequality, social and economic difficulties. But as Biden’s speech shows, the future president is not afraid of difficulties and is ready to fight them:

“I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide but unify.”

What does the newly president promise to do during his tenure?

Intensified fight against the Covid pandemic

First of all, Biden wants to take on the fight against the Covid pandemic in the country. At the moment, the United States takes the lead in the number of infected and dead from Coronavirus. The future president promises to create a working group to fight against the pandemic. According to this program, the distribution of situation will be monitored, and the number of tests and the production of masks will triple.

The availability of medicine for everyone

Also in the plans of Joe Biden is to expand the law of affordable health insurance. This will give Americans the right to participate in the government’s free Medicare program.

Solving problems with unemployment

The 46th President of the United States plans to help small and medium-sized businesses, as well as increase the minimum wage of Americans to $ 15 per hour. For low-income families, Biden promises to raise social benefits. To fulfill this plan, he also wants to increase the wealth tax.

Free education for the poor

During his campaign, Joe Biden proposed making public education in colleges and universities free of charge for low-income students. He is also developing a program that will clear student loan arrears of less than $ 10,000.

Measures to fight against climate change

As president, Biden wants to spend nearly $ 2 trillion on energy-efficient buildings and cars, and boost renewable energy.

Addressing racism issues

Unfortunately, Americans will remember 2020 thanks to massive racist protests. Mounting unrest in major American cities (Washington, Philadelphia, New York) began after the news of the death of two blacks during detention by police forces. Joe Biden plans to resolve this issue through a developed program of social and economic support for ethnic minorities.

Immigration reform

The immigration issue is also expected to change significantly. So during the first 100 days of his presidency, Biden promises to help more than 11 million immigrants living in the United States to obtain citizenship. This also applies to the so-called “dreamers” (people without documents, who were brought to the United States in childhood). Biden also wants to raise the annual admission limit for refugees to 125,000 (currently it is only 15,000) and revise the ban on entry to the USA for some representatives of Muslim countries.

For sure, Joe Biden has a lot of work and inner strength to fulfill his promises. And it definitely depends on him whether the Americans will choose him for the second term in 2024.

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