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“Transmit” citizenship to a spouse

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couple-holding-handsVisa for family reunification in the United States is one of the most essential ways in which immigration to the States is carried out.

Someone marries a US citizen and issues a visa of the K-1 type, someone immigrates already as a family, with or without children.

But what if one of the spouses moved to the States, got citizenship, and wants his spouse to arrive there too?

It is logical to think that you are a family, and in the United States, too, should be considered a family, and therefore both must be legally allowed to live and work there. The next question arises, can you transfer your citizenship to your spouse?


One can not simply “transfer” the citizenship, and the spouse needs to get a special visa.

The visa for family reunification in the US can be obtained by contacting the country’s embassy and providing a specific list of documents. Also, one will face certain requirements for obtaining a permit to enter the state. For example, family reunification in the United States involves only children with parents, brothers, sisters, spouses and other relatives.

The rate of obtaining a visa and a list of documents, will also depend on your relations with the US citizen. An American visa, depending on the degree of kinship, can be of a different category, which should be indicated when completing the application:


  • F-1 – children who are not in formal relationships, as well as juvenile grandsons accompanying them.
  • F-2 – spouses and children under the age of 21, without formal marriage.
  • F-3 – children who have legalized marriage, as well as their spouses with children;
  • F-4 – brothers or sisters of American citizens, their spouses, as well as children.