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Types of Work Visa

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Requirements to get job in U.S.

Work Visas TypesBusinessman Employment

  • Visa H-1B Qualified specialists
  • Visa L-1 Translation of employees
  • Visa O-1 Working visa
  • Visa R-1 Religious visa

The U.S. working visa (H-1B) gives specialists in various industries the right to temporary residence and work in the United States. As a rule, such visa is issued for a period of 1-3 years, after which it can be extended to 6 years (the maximum period). As well as for this time you can figure out more about the rules for applying for a Green Card.

Obtaining a visa for work in the United States requires the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • The availability of offers to work in the U.S. received from an American employer. As an employer, both a legal entity and an individual can act.
  • The employer has a permit to employ you (issued by the United States Department of Labor).
  • Your high qualification as an employee, which is confirmed at least by a bachelor’s degree or equivalent to a higher education document. In some cases, instead of a diploma of higher education, proof of high qualification can be confirmed by documented significant work experience in the relevant specialty.

Note: That there is a special category of persons who do not need to have a diploma of higher education. These include recognized professionals: national or world recognition and prizes for outstanding achievements, which is confirmed by publications in respectable publications (newspapers, magazines, etc.); work in well-known companies; certificates and similar documents issued by worldwide companies, organizations or associations.

Your future work should require high qualifications, and your education and work experience in the specialty should exactly match the qualification requirements of this work. Simply put, a specialist in the field of organic chemistry can not pretend to be a programmer, although both these specialties require high qualifications.

What is the advantage of work visa in the U.S.?

  • You get the opportunity to work legally in the USA.
  • After 2-years stay in the U.S. a visa holder can apply for a Green Card.
  • During the validity of the visa, you have the right to leave the U.S. and turn back.
  • Your close relatives (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) are eligible for an entry visa to the United States.

If all documents are properly designed and all the requirements are met in full, then you can apply for a working visa in the U.S. with minimal losses of time, nerves and money. And of course after receiving a work visa, you can consider options to apply for a Green Card.