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Getting Married with an American

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To find a groom from America is not difficult. It is enough to have access to the Internet and to have minimal knowledge of English. But in order to become the official wife of U.S. citizen, you will have to work hard. You will not only collect a lot of documents, but also prove that your marriage is real, and this is not a reason for emigration.

Marriage with U.S. citizen is the fastest and most common way to get the Green Card to foreigner.

According to the Law on Immigration and Citizenship, the husband / wife of U.S. citizen is classified as close family member. The biggest advantage of classifying in the category of “close family members” in the immigration context is your wife / husband should not be in the queue for several years, they can get the Green Card and unite with U.S. citizen immediately after the petition approval .


You will need:

  • Package of required documents
  • Knowledge of English
  • To have as many things as possible to confirm your feelings

We will not dwell on, how to find a groom from the U.S., suppose that this stage has already been passed by you, and the future husband certainly wants you to legalize your relationship as soon as possible. There are two ways of marriage. The first: to get married in your country, and only then to get a Residence Permit in America. And the second: to marry in the U.S..

Stages of reunification with the American spouse:
  • If you decide to marry in your country, then be prepared for the fact that after registration, you will need quite times in order to get the right to travel to the U.S. In order to get the opportunity to go to the groom, you will need to apply for a visa to your family reunification. In the embassy you will be given the complete list of documents that need to be collected for visa obtaining.
  • After you move to your husband, they will visit you from the immigration service for a certain time. It is connected with the fact that in the United States very strictly monitor the influx of illegal migrants. You have to prove to the authorities that your marriage is not fictitious and you are really live together, as a real family.
  • If you want to marry in the U.S. then take the opportunity to get the bride K-1 visa. It is not difficult to obtain it, especially since the groom should be engaged in collecting the basic documents, as the initiator of your arrival. And your task will be to collect as much evidence of your feelings and relationships. These can be photographs, letters, tickets left after joint travel, gifts. All this will speed up the receipt of your K-1 visa, which is issued for 3 months, during which you can make an official marriage or return home.

Do not try to deceive the U.S. authorities and enter the country with a guest or tourist visa. If you are suspected of cheating, you will not be able to get any type of visa that give you the right to be in the U.S. and this greatly complicates the process of registering your marriage with an American.