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The updated version of the US citizenship test

An updated version of the US Citizenship Test was presented by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

This applies to those who have applied for U.S. citizenship on December 1, 2020. They will need to take an updated naturalization test. The citizenship test is updated every 10 years. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service wants to ensure that this test comprehensively assesses naturalization applicants’ knowledge of American history, government, and civic values. These are the main topics that an applicant for US citizenship is required to master.

The updated version of the US citizenship test is more difficult than the previous ones. The old test included 10 questions, the new one has 20. At the same time, the correct answers should be 12. Moreover, now you need to prepare not 100, but 128 questions.

The test has two parts. The first is to check the level of English. Secondly, testing the knowledge of American history and government. In the civil test, applicants must show knowledge of the history and political system of the United States.

In order to prepare in advance, which is very important, applicants can view all questions with answers in the public domain on the USCIS website. Questions are asked only from this list, there can be no unexpected topics. Therefore, if you have prepared thoroughly, it will not be difficult to pass the test successfully. Of the 128 questions, the immigration officer chooses only 20. To pass the test, you need to answer correctly on 12. As soon as the required number of answers has been collected, the exam is stopped and the remaining questions are not asked.

The questions are divided into three broad thematic groups: American government, American history (geography), and civil life. They are asked in English, no answer options are offered. Most of them are simple, but some require prior preparation, especially those related to US history. In certain cases, there may be several correct answers, then you need to name as many as they ask in the question.

Taking the US citizenship test is a very important process that requires prior preparation.

The updated version of the US citizenship test