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Ukrainians are denied U.S. visas more frequently than Russians

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us visas for ukrainiansStudying the statistics of renouncements in U.S. visas to different countries, you can come to the conclusion that Ukraine is denied U.S. visas to 3 times more often than Russia. According to the State Department, in 2015, Ukrainians were denied visas in 34.03% of cases, while at the same time, Russia is only 10.24% of refusals (one out of ten is denied). In Ukraine, every third citizen who wishes to visit America, is denied. Usually in the visa application center, he/she is accompanied by exotic-sounding wording “not sufficient evidence of your ties with Ukraine” (i.e. no permanent job with a high salary, family and children, property and other guarantees that you will not become an illegal migrant).

In fact, the reasons for such a high percentage of failures can be a lot. According to experts, Ukrainians may casually fill the documents for visas, and the Americans are very sensitive to these things. The second reason – it is possible that people are not able to confirm the purpose of their stay in the United States – tourism (B1 / B2 visa), study (F-1 visa), work (H-1B visa) etc. As for Russia, then there is less denied visas due to the higher level of officially confirmed incomes.

Also, a high percentage of denials among Ukrainians is associated with the current unstable situation in the country and a large number of applications for U.S. visas. Perhaps in the future the situation will improve and the percentage of failures in U.S. visas fall.