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Ukrainians are receiving visas to travel to the U.S

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visa J 1Besides economical problems and political problems in Ukraine, people continue applying and being approved to travel to the U.S. At the local U.S. embassy in Kiev, located at 4, I. Sikorsky Street, non-immigrants who want to travel to the United States for travelling, working, studying etc. can apply for different visas. F-1 Student visa allows Ukrainians to get education in the United States. H1-B Work visa allows to travel, to work and live in the U.S. permanently for a certain period of time, after that it is possible to apply for a Green Card through your employment in the United States. J-1 Exchange visa is for those who participate in exchange programs or educational programs.

The most famous is the student exchange program Work and Travel USA and the registration for the program has begun. In November 2016, the organizers guarantee free participation in all LIVE job fairs Work and Travel 2017! For the first time in Ukraine No COST in case of refusal of a visa!

In the U.S. Embassy, the green card applicants can finish their process for immigrant visa.

U.S continue welcoming travelers from Ukraine.