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What about Tourist Visa?

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Tourist Visa in the United States, or as it is commonly called a B-2 visa, is issued to those who has the purpose of travel is to get acquainted with the country. In addition, a Tourist Visa to America will be valid to visit relatives or friends. Registration of a tourist visa in this case will require an invitation from those people you are going to visit.

If you have no idea how to get Tourist Visa in the U.S., use the help of professionals to open it. They will help you prepare and translate documents for a Tourist Visa in the U.S., help with the formulation of the questionnaire, prepare for the interview. At the same time, obtaining a tourist visa in the U.S. will take a minimum of time. Also, you will save your nerves.

Visa application
Tourist Visa in the United States – this is the type of permission to stay in the state, which is issued to individuals intending to travel abroad. The duration of stay on the territory of the country should not exceed 3 months. As for the period when you can make your visits, a Tourist Visa is available for 5 years, 10 and for 3 years. The decision is made by embassy employees, based on the specifics of your case.

To make a visa, you only need to collect a package of required documents that confirm your identity and monetary stability, submit documents to the embassy in time and successfully pass the interview.

The reasons for refusing to open visa:

  • Inaccuracies in the preparation and translation of important statements, questionnaires, various statements;
  • Lack of any required securities;
  • Unsuccessful interview (usually, this concerns the doubts of embassy staff that you will return to your homeland);
  • Noncompliance with the conditions of the country.

Mostly, refusals are caused by the incompetence of holidaymakers in the processes that accompany the formulation of a Tourist Visa in the U.S. in particular legislation.

American Tourist Visa is not urgently made, so always plan to apply for this visa in advance. Make sure that you know the cost of all services. In general, the price of the entry permit consists of consular fees, medical insurance and cost of consultancy services.

Does participation in the Green Card lottery affect the receipt of a tourist visa?
Participation in the Green Card lottery should not affect your chances of obtaining a non immigrant visa (guest, student and others).