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In the US for exchange: what type of visa is suitable?

The United States government issues J-1 visas to individuals who participate in an exchange or educational program. The original goal of this program was to promote cultural exchange. J-1 visa holders may be directly involved in a variety of programs, including government, academic, and private sector programs.

The main advantage of the J1 visa is that if provided by the exchange program, you can absolutely legally work in the United States. In addition, during these months you can settle in and look for options that will help you stay in the country in the future (for example, find a sponsor to receive work visa).

It should be borne in mind that the duration of a visit on a J1 visa is limited by the duration of the program. However, you can stay in the United States for 30 days after the end of the program. During the latter, this type of visa can be changed to another (for example, to F1 student visa).

Who can get a visa?

Participants in exchange programs can be:

  • students,
  • interns,
  • teachers,
  • professors,
  • researchers
  • other foreign citizens participating in people-to-people programs.

Each program puts forward its own requirements for the applicant.

It is also important that, together with the owner of a J1 visa, a spouse, as well as unmarried children under 21 years old, can go to the States … A J2 visa is provided for them. This visa does not entitle you to work, however, you can fill out Form I-765 on the USCIS website and obtain such permission.

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