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Moving to the United States from France, the main differences

When you are French and wish to settle in the United States, there are many things to consider. There are many differences between the United States and France. The way of life is not the same, so be prepared for all of this before you make your big departure.

In the United States, there are many things to consider. In addition, if you want to go there with your children, there will be twice as many criteria to take into account such as the cost of education as the cost of health care. Moving abroad alone and with your family does not require the same effort.

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The cost of American education

In France, the cost of your children’s schooling will depend on the status of the school (private or public). All public schools or universities in France are free. There is only an application fee that applies and usually, it is between 300 and 900 euros maximum. While in the United States, colleges and universities are not free of charge. Tuition fees are very high. We are talking about astronomical sums. The cost can be as high as $20,000 a year for the university. Only public high schools and elementary schools are free.

The cost of health care in the United States

Health care costs in the United States are exorbitant. Contrary to France, which has a Social Security system that reimburses you for the majority of your care. In addition, the insurance systems are very complex and require a certain price as well.

Medical visits to your general practitioner are billed about a hundred dollars (88€) whereas in France it is only 25€($27.73). Hospital stays, on the other hand, amount to thousands of dollars.

The majority of American health care institutions ask you to be solvent before you receive treatment. This allows them to have a guarantee of payment for your consultation.

Banks, Travel Agencies, Insurance agencies, and other organizations offer health coverage if you want to go abroad. But the duration is generally limited to only 90 days except for some insurances which are available for 1 year.

Many organizations like Chapka insurance or April International offer optimal health coverage but it comes at a cost. Subscribing to one of them costs between 450 and 550 euros. This will vary according to the options chosen and the duration of your contract.

The need to have a U.S. driver’s license

In the United States, the driver’s license is very important. It is not just a document to drive. It allows you to drive on the roads, to open a bank account, to buy a vehicle, to have promotions on amusement parks, etc. Don’t hesitate to get it as soon as you arrive!

The will to get the green card

To reside permanently on American soil, you must obtain a green card. There are many ways to obtain a Green Card or visa initially upon arrival. However, there are specific criteria for some. Consult the official website of the American embassy and follow the necessary administrative procedures.

All these differences show that there is a big gap between the United States and France. Before settling in a country you don’t know, read magazines about the country’s culture and brochures for schools. This will allow you to prepare yourself psychologically and to settle peacefully.