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Same-sex marriage in the USA

Same-sex marriage was first approved in Massachusetts in 2003, followed by California, Connecticut and Columbia. According to researchers, 242,000 same-sex couples had already entered into legal marriage by the time the US Supreme Court was passed in 2015.

This number has more than doubled since then, with over 500,000 same-sex couples already married in the United States. & nbsp;

Overall, the wedding industry generates $ 72 billion a year, and gay marriages Provides 45,000 new jobs.

This multi-billion dollar economic boon has also significantly improved the mental health of same-sex couples, as shown in separate studies.

A study by Professor Brian Ogolsky at the University of Illinois showed that, regardless of their marital status (officially registering marriage or simply living together), psychological couples’ frustration decreased and quality of life improved after the court ruling. This is corroborated by relevant research that showed a significant decrease in suicide rates among LGBT + youth within 6 months of adopting marriage equality in the United States.

Same-sex marriage in the USA