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Business and Tourist Visa/B1-B2 Visa

The procedure for obtaining a visa should begin 1-3 months before the planned trip.

If you wish to make a business trip during which you will meet with business partners, negotiate, attend conferences, sell or buy goods, solve various financial and commercial issues, then you need a B1 business visa.

If you plan to visit friends, relatives, go on vacation to relax, then you need a tourist visa B2.

Often they are issued as one business visa / tourist visa B1 / B2.

When you apply for this visa, you must prove to the official that you have the right to a US visa in accordance with the US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).

You have to prove that your visit is short-term and you do not plan to stay in the USA and are able to pay absolutely all your expenses.

Main application requests:

  • A Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form, for getting more information visit the DS-160 webpage for more information about the DS-160. ;
  • Receipt of payment of your non-refundable non-immigrant visa in the amount of $ 160, paid in local currency;
  • Passport valid for travelling to US;
  • Photograph (5cm x 5cm);
  • Аcceptance letter for an interview;
  • Any other documents that help you to get visa.

The main caution: you should never use false documents!

For getting visa faster guests must provide copies of a relative status certificate; students may be provided with a diploma, receipts for tuition fees, school achievements, certificates. Businessmen need to provide working achievements, rewards and documents confirming their post. Employees can be provided with recommendation letters from previous jobs.

To get more information about such type of visa you can visit the Department of State’s website.