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What changes were implemented into obtaining citizenship process?

people in crowdDue to the resent changes in authorities and some laws, U.S. citizens and immigrants are disturbed with one important question: will there be some changes in the naturalization process, and if it will be more difficult, than it is now?

It should be noticed, that the Immigration Services have not apply any changes yet, thus it is clear, the process is the same now.


At the same time, the period of obtaining a Green card has increased, which directly depends on the number of applicant, which has grown as well. Obviously, people are wary about some future changes, trying to get all the necessary documents ready beforehand.

Still, what changes should be expected soon? Probably there will be some small changes like raising fees, or the naturalization exam may become harder to pass. In general, not many changes are expected, but if you were going to apply for naturalization, it is better to do it now, before any changes have come.

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