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Social Network Password as a Pass to America

To get a cherished visa to America, now you probably need to provide passwords from social networks, how do you like that?

Homeland SecurityThe administration of Donald Trump released a new questionnaire for those who want to get a U.S. visa. It includes questions about accounts in social networks that have been used for the last 5 years, and biographical information for 15 years.
The new questionnaire is the part of program to strengthen the screening of potential visitors to the United States. This is reported by Reuters, referring to the document.

According to the new procedure, representatives of the consulate can make a request for data on all previous passports, social network accounts for 5 years, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and an autobiography for the last 15 years, including addresses of residence, work place and travel history.

Whether to require additional data, officials will decide at their discretion.

“Additional information will be asked if they determine that is necessary to verify the identity or conduct additional testing for national security”

-said State Department spokesman John Kelly.Kelly

In spite of the fact that the answers should be voluntary, according to the document, the refusal to provide information can slow the operation of processing the application or lead to the visa refusal.

The innovations raised a flurry of criticism. Opponents of the new rules note that such a check can cause delays in the processing of information and prevent the influx of foreign scholars and students in the United States.

According to immigration lawyers and human rights defenders, the new law is likely to be a hindrance to obtaining a visa for those who made “innocent mistakes” in the past or simply do not remember all the necessary information.

Last year, U.S. President Donald Trump issued a decree restricting the immigrants entry into the United States. This decree suspended the arrival of refugees in the United States for 120 days and blocked for three months visas for travelers from seven Muslim countries, including Iran.