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Mobile Form for Replacing Green Card

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woman-holding-phoneYesterday, July 25, US Citizenship and Immigration Service launched a mobile app for replacing Permanent Resident Card. Thus, if one wants to file it online without a help of attorney, now it is available to upload on a mobile device. The reformed online Form I-90 is also easier in use, providing more convenient navigation and information access. To download this app, it takes to create a USCIS online account, and it is free of charge. A great benefit of this app is the possibility to track the status of your application online.

To fill the Form I-90, one should first provide a copy of government-issued identification, by taking a photo and uploading it from the mobile phone.

The form itself does not contain major changes in its content, which totally corresponds to the paper Form I-90. Those Green card holders who prefer to file Form I-90 with the assistance of an attorney, are to use the previous addition of the Form I-90.