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The U.S. Withdraws from the World Immigration Treaty

The U.S. withdraws from the World Immigration TreatyProtest

The United States announced that President Trump decided to withdraw the country from the participants in the United Nations World Migration Pact, claiming that it violates the sovereignty of the United States.

As the U.S. State Department said on December 2, the agreement “contains various provisions that are inconsistent with U.S. policy regarding immigrants and refugees and the principles of the Trump administration relating to migration.” Because of this, as the report says: “Donald Trump decided that the United States would cease to participate in the process of the pact.”

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikke Haley, who announced this at the United Nations, said: “America is proud of its immigrant heritage and moral leadership in supporting migrants and refugees around the world, but our decision on immigration policy should always be made by the Americans themselves. We will determine the best way to control our borders, and who will be allowed to enter. ”

The decision of Donald Trump in January this year to actually ban the entry of several Muslim countries caused protests in the United States.

The statement was made on the eve of a three-day conference on the agreement, which will be opened on December 3 in Mexico. At which they intend to discuss the proposal for the completion of the alliance.

Currently, an alliance with 193 UN member states, which in 2016 adopted the New York Declaration on Refugees and Immigrants at the United Nations General Assembly. These documents do not provide for mandatory implementation, and the participating States committed themselves to developing new approaches to migration and refugee relations in order to adopt the final global agreement on migration in 2018.

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