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Merit-based system to approve immigrants

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Australia-flagTo explicate that the changes in immigration system has substantial benefits, Mr. Trump pointed to the example of Australia and the “merit-based” system for accepting immigrants.

“One of the things I think is the most compelling about the Australian system is the efforts to make sure that immigrants are financially self-sufficient,” said Stephen Miller, a senior White House aide.

Now, the vast part of the legal immigration is based on family connections, but in nearest future the preference would be given to those applicants who can fluently speak English, posess language and professional abilities. Also, they will be required to be in a good financial state, and demonstrate professional skills that can contribute to the economy of U.S. in future.
“We are establishing a new entry system that’s points-based,” said Stephen Miller to explain the Trump administration’s approach. “Can they support themselves and their families financially? Do they have a skill that will add to the U.S. economy? Are they being paid a high wage?”

When approving new immigrants, Australian system makes also refence to the age of the applicant thus the 25-to-32 age range is being most desirable. The whole system itself is based on getting points in required areas. An applicant will receive points not only for the age, but also for English test, education degree etc. The same system is being used in Canada, which also serves as a good example for the United States.

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