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Immigration to Texas

Where is better place for life?

Probably everyone who once decided to immigrate to America is asked this question, but the fuss and turmoil of American dayly life is not for you and you are puzzled by the search for a calm, measured life in this country? Think about the central-southern region, it is possible not only to find a quiet place, but living here you save your budget considerably.

Texas, takes the leader position of the central-southern region

HoustonThere are Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas states, among which not all a good choice. Of course, here you can still face stereotypes, for example in the state of Louisiana there is still racial intolerance, and maybe that’s why it is famous as the center of social tension in the U.S., there are many farmers, uneducated and rude. But in Oklahoma for example, the economy is held only by oil production. In Arkansas, a good educational system, and one more important plus there are many Europeans. But Texas, of course, takes the leader position of the central-southern region.

For those who have not been fortunate enough to visit the United States yet it is difficult to imagine that Texas is tearing ahead now with a huge potential and almost on the same level as California, and if taking into account the population and the economy growth, it will bypass soon. And you still thought that Texas is wild mustangs, cacti, tall boots and nice cowboys?

There are plenty of natural resources, for example, one-third of the U.S. oil reserves are located right here, so there is a lot of money. In terms of gross domestic product, Texas is second after California to the United States, with over 50 corporations headquartered on the largest list in the U.S., it is the largest exporter in America. Comparatively lower prices for rental property and cost of living, are becoming attractive not only for the country residents, but also for large companies. So every year in Texas, the number of jobs increases, while for example in California is declining.

Rapidly growing infrastructure

Today it is too far from the Wild West, but developing in all directions rapidly, from agriculture and tourism to the subdivisions of Hollywood studios and the object of the NASA. Fast-growing infrastructure, says that there is demand, so do not think long, if you are going to go, then it’s time to make a good choice.

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