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How to pass the interview without any problems and get a visa?

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How to pass the interview without any problems and get a visa? This question is raised by every person who wishes to obtain the U.S. visas. There are two types of the U.S. visas: immigrant visas are non-immigrant visas. Immigrant visas allow foreigners to immigrate to the United States for permanent residence, work, and study in the United States without any restrictions. The immigrant visa is also known as Green Card or Permanent Resident Card. Non-immigrant visas allow a temporary stay in the United States, these are the visas: K-1, B1 / B2, H-1B, C-1, F-1, J-1 and others.

No matter what kind of visa you get – the immigrant or non-immigrant visa – you need to know that it is a complex and multi-step process, which includes the submission of the application, the preparation of the required documentation, the passing of the medical examination (not for all visas) and the final, decisive step is the passage of the interview at the U.S. Consulate/Embassy. You must remember that the consular officer may ask questions that are not related to the theme of the interview, so you need to be ready for it, prepare carefully and select truthful answers. What kind of questions might the consular officer ask?

One Russian couple applied for B-2 tourist visa and now they are sharing their impressions of the interview.

“Today we got a visa. We are an unmarried civil couple, live together; we went to different consuls for the interview. In addition to the confirmation of the interview and the application, we have brought the old passports, the certificate of employment, the printed receipt for the visa fee and photographs. At the interview I (a young girl Olesya) was asked the following questions: 

Purpose of your travel? Tourism

– Where are you about to go? New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston

– Where do you work? PA, FMSM

– With whom are you going to travel? With the civil husband (this question we had agreed to respond that way, because to say “with a young man / woman” we thought it’s not correctly, in the questionnaire we have written “civilian spouse”)

– You said you go in New York, yeah? Yes, one week in New York and a week in Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston.

– Do you have relatives, friends in the U.S.? No (and we do not really have)

– How long have you been working in this company? Three years.

– Where were you abroad last two years? Thailand, Cyprus (but in general I have been to many European countries, as well as in the UK, after the first trip to the UK I was denied a British visa, during the interview the consular officer was not looking in my international passport, so in my case, apparently, the previous trip does not matter)

– Your visa is approved, thank you.

My civil husband was asked the purpose of the trip, where and with whom he goes, what is his occupation and why did he resign from his previous job and why did he decided to go exactly to this company. Generally, it took more time for the procedure before the interview, gathering the documents etc. We had the interview on 8:30 am; we arrived at 8 am and almost immediately went inside. “

As you can see, for the Russian couple the process of obtaining the tourist visa was very easy and quick. The main advice is to do everything calmly and truthfully answer the officer’s questions, in any case, do not be afraid and do not worry. All successful interviewing!