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E-System E-Verify for Illegals

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everify mobileThe main reason why foreigners come to the U.S. illegally or stay here with an expired visa is employment. For some employers it is very profitable, because you can pay the minimum. Earlier the only way to check whether a person is an illegal was to provide “paper” documents, which were not hard to fake, but now with the help of a free online system E-Verify within seconds you know whether a person is a legal immigrant.

At the moment, this program is administered and used on a voluntary basis, the companies are agreeing to its terms, they do not have to arrange a general check of their employees. However, as practice shows, E-Verify is implemented gradually, and almost 50% of all employess were tested through this system.

Soon, Congress will accept a law on obligatory verification of immigration status through an electronic system, it won’t affect the work of the U.S. companies. But those employers who will continue to hide the illegals and assure of unawareness about the status of these employees will have problems. In any case, if “paper» form I-9 is replaced with an online system, such fines in any case will be less.

In the future, the use of this system will make the presence of the immigration status as one of the obligatory requirements for employment and social norm, because it is a huge step towards improvement of the immigration law.

As we have previously reported, the electronic system E-Verify is now available on mobile devices.