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Benefits of Legal Work in the U.S.

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Work in USA

Legal work in an economically developed and stable country with a decent level of wages, as well as social guarantees, attracted and will attract immigrants from all corners of the world.

What are the benefits of legal work in U.S.?Man Woman Business

  • The possibility of obtaining permanent residence the employer has the right to file a petition (for a specialist);
  • Work experience in a foreign company;
  • Improvement of the level of English;
  • Acquaintance with the people and culture of the country;
  • After practice / internship, it is possible to get a reference sheet from the employer;
  • No age discrimination in employment;
  • The opportunity to work and learn at the same time, thanks to a variety of exchange programs;
  • Compliance with the employer’s regime of work / rest;
  • Decent salary;
  • Career prospects.
Strict measures for foreign citizens

The immigration policy of the United States provides tough measures for foreign citizens who tried to stay illegally and work in the country. Decisions on deportation are made by the immigration authorities on their own. Illegal stay can threaten with a ban on entry into the country for a long time up to 10 years. The visa gives the right for temporary residence and legal work in the country for a period of one to three years. After the expiration of the period, it is possible to extend the visa up to 6 years.

The United States of America is a state with a stable economy. That is why many people often think about finding employment with this country. America is ready to accept both experienced professionals and students who need temporary, seasonal work.

Who has the right to work in U.S.?
A work visa is as a prerequisite for being able to stay and work in the country. Legal work in the U.S. is confirmed by the appropriate type of visa:

  • H1 is given to applicants with higher and / or intermediate professional level who have studied for at least 4 years and who have practical experience in their field of specialization. Applicants: researchers, medical professionals, programmers, engineers, architects, etc.

Advantage: the opportunity to receive your Green Card and confirmation the status of a Permanent Resident in the near future.

  • H2 is intended for persons whose activities involve physical labor in most cases. These include categories:
  1.  working specialties in the agricultural field;
  2.  building specialties, handymen at enterprises, as well as athletes, entertainers, artists, show business and others.

Features: This employment category does not give the right for Permanent Residence in U.S..

Foreigners, who staying temporarily, can also apply for a working short-term visa in the U.S. territory. These include:

  • Students (from 18 to 25 years) with a visa F-1;
  • Foreigners under the program of exchange with a visa J (Work and Travel, Au pair);
  • Graduates of educational institutions (from 20 to 32 years old) participating in internship programs or planning to practice after training in the U.S. Training / Internship Placement Plan;
  • Immigrants who received political / social asylum in America;
  • Immigrants who applied for Green Card.

Features: Immigrants or foreigners staying in the country illegally or having only a guest visa are prohibited to engage in labor activity in America.