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What is a US business visa for?

First of all, it is worth recalling that a US business visa is a nonimmigrant visa. This means that with this type of visa you can enter the country as a visitor and after a certain time must return to your country. With B1 visa you cannot work in the United States, there are other types of visas for this.

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The B1 business visa is for people who want to travel to the United States for business purposes. This can be the conclusion of contracts, attending conferences or exhibitions and other business events. For example, if you are the owner or employee of a business in your home country, you might travel to meet with companies that do business with your company. Or you are going to a business conference in the United States or other business travel but not work. You can do business with a B1 visa. For example, you can attend business meetings, buy real estate in the US, sign contracts, place orders, complete market research, buy equipment, which is usually considered doing business and not actually working for an employer in the US.

Usually the Embassy issues a dual visa type to applicants – B1 / B2 . The embassy provides that for 10 years during which the visa is valid, you can decide to come to the United States a couple more times, already for tourist purposes.

To obtain a US business visa in 2021, you need to fill out the DS-160 form. It is also necessary to collect documents that explain the purpose of the trip, as well as confirm your strong economic ties with your country. Then you need to go through a personal interview at the US Embassy.

Please note that the business B1 visa / B2 is suitable not only for entrepreneurs and employees of companies operating in the international arena. This visa is also suitable for scientists doing research, writing research papers, and speaking at various conferences and seminars. When applying for a business visa to America, all these applicants must be extremely careful and know well the specifics of the visa application process and the Embassy’s requirements for applicants.