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US open the doors to European travelers

For several months, the European Commission demanded that the United States lift the restrictions, as it believes that they are unreasonable.

An entry ban for EU citizens was introduced in March 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. US President Joe Biden extended its term after taking office.

The White House said Monday that US President Joe Biden will ease travel restrictions overseas in the US from November. Foreigners will be allowed to enter the country if they have proof of vaccination and are negative test for COVID-19.

After the ban is lifted, fully vaccinated EU citizens will be able to enter the United States. It also enables Europeans to apply for a US visa.

The changes will allow families and others who have been separated by travel restrictions for 18 months to plan the highly anticipated reunion.

The EU and the UK have previously allowed vaccinated American travelers to enter their territories without quarantine to encourage business and leisure travel. But last month, the EU recommended reimposing some travel restrictions for U.S. travelers to the bloc due to the rampant spread of the delta variant of the coronavirus in America.

US open the doors to European