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Obama’s Father is not American

ObamaIn the U.S., a book about the father of the president

Under the title “The Other Barack” with the subtitle “The impudent and reckless life of President Obama’s father”. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., did not really know his son, who was born in 1961 in Hawaii.

Obama’s father in 1962, entered Harvard on the other side of America – in Boston. Only two years later he returned to his native Kenya.

After some time, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. arrived in the Hawaiian Islands, and a meeting with his son took place, which was the last, who knew that it was a meeting with the first African American president of the United States.

The author of the book about Barack Obama’s father finds many traits inherited from his father, and it’s not surprising that genes can not be hidden, both are very clever and never concealed their interest in big politics. Both grew up in single-parent families.

The African scientific community praised the article on economics, which was written by Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. specifically for the East Africa Journal in 1965. The article dealt with the fact that the newly independent states did not profit from natural resources, but used all that nature gave for the benefit of society.

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. boldly criticized the policies of his time in particular Kenya’s President Jomo Kenyatt and supported the ideas of the vice-president of his time. Obama’s father did try to connect their divergences in views. He did not achieve much success here, but in this way he positioned himself.

In this book, a lot of interesting facts, for example, in the immigration documents of Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., there is a letter, which refers to the fact that at some point in his life the possibility of adopting Barack Obama was considered. Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was a successful student at Harvard, but the father of the future president of the greatest country was forced to leave for Kenya.

He did not manage to get a degree in HarvardDont Be Afraid

He did not manage to get a degree in Harvard, although after passing the exams, Obama’s father had only to finish his dissertation, which had already been started. At Harvard it became known that maybe he had two wives, and also worry about the appearance of a third. It was not without financial difficulties. Thus, in a compulsory manner without explaining why, having just reported that the university has no funding, which was a huge blow for Barack Hussein Obama, Sr..

Upon his arrival in Kenya, Obama once again became a father. Officially, he has eight children. Four of them wrote a book about their father. President Obama, in particular, became the author of the book “Dreams from my father”, which was published in 1995.

Barack Obama’s father held high positions in Kenya, which gained independence at that time, but always something was missing, I wanted more. The professional qualities of his father, Obama Jr., describes, high professional level, but not a very reliable employee, as there was a predilection for alcohol, because of that he repeatedly got into auto accidents, and windyness towards the opposite sex.

Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. died in 1982 in a car crash, he lived his life with a sense of unfulfilled potential, and he was not fortunate enough to learn that his son would rule such a great country like America.

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