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Top 5 Most Popular Universities among Russian Students

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In the previous article we discussed the basic requirements for enrolling in higher educational institutions of the USA. It is necessary to recall that for studying in the United States Russian students need to apply for F-1 student visa. If you want to look at the most common questions while obtaining F-1 Visa, visit our site http://www.usimmigrationapplication.org/immigration-news/visas/common-questions-f1-student-visa.

So, what U.S. universities are considered to be the most popular among Russian students? The most popular states among foreign students are California, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Texas.There are all conditions for study and student life. Thus, the 5 most popular universities among Russian students are:

1. New York University

nyu-new-york-universityPrivate Research University of the United States, which consists of 16 schools, institutes and colleges. It specializes mainly on humanitarian, medical and business programs at all levels (training courses for undergraduate, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate). Tuition fees – about $ 60,000 per year.


2. University of California, Los Angelesuniversity of salifornia

University of California offers educational programs in all areas and at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, MBA). University of California, Los Angeles combines the educational and research activities. There are the best technical facilities in the United States. The studying costs about $ 35,000 each year.


3. University of Illinois At Urbana Champaign

university of illinoisFor those who want to receive special education, such as teacher, librarian, materials scientists, the road is open to this university. UIUC attracts mainly IT-specialists. At the university there is a National Center for Supercomputing Applications. UIUC is an excellent opportunity for those who are involved in computer technology. Tuition ranges from $ 22,000 to $ 30,000. Foreign students are given many grants and scholarships.


4. Purdue Universitypurdue university

Public research university in the United States, located in West Lafayette, Indiana. Second by the number of Russian students, the university is very interested in foreign students, therefore, it provides all the relevant information for foreign students on its website. Those who are interested in aviation and space, namely, engineers, designers, mathematicians, etc. are studying here. The University offers training courses to undergraduate, bachelor, master, doctoral, MBA. Tuition fees – $ 30,000 per year on the average.

columbia university

5. Columbia University

One of the most prestigious American universities in the ranking of Russian students. Despite the fact that the cost of studying at this university is quite high – $ 57,000 a year – the price includes medical care in the student medical center, which is very important. The Columbia University is mainly concentrated on architecture, urbanism, design, art, cinema, journalism. Foreign students are given grants that allow to get education free of charge.