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US students receive green cards

Student visas are classified as nonimmigrant because the student is expected to temporarily enter the United States with the intention of leaving the United States upon graduation. A key element of nonimmigrant visas is that they are issued to people who do not plan to move to the United States on a permanent basis. However, there are ways for students to get a green card.

US students receive green cards

How did students get a green card?

In some cases, a student will be able to change their status from a nonimmigrant student visa to a nonimmigrant work visa such as H-1B while being able to remain in the United States by working extra time.

Work visas are generally also considered nonimmigrant, but have the advantage that, as with the H-1B visa, they are considered “dual destination “. Even if a nonimmigrant work visa is for temporary nonimmigrant work, you can apply for an immigrant visa through your sponsor employer. If the petition is approved, then change the status from a nonimmigrant work visa to Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) with a green card.

From a student visa, you can transfer to any other status: an E-2 investor visa, an H-1B work visa, an O-1 visa for people with outstanding abilities, an L-1 business visa, a green card based on marriage, through a lottery or asylum.

Despite the fact that the rules for issuing H-1B are constantly tightened, this visa is one of the most realistic ways of immigration.

H-1B visa is issued only to people with higher education. There are about four times more applicants for these visas with a bachelor’s degree than the H-1B visa limit. Therefore, a lottery is held among the questionnaires. In fact, most of these visas are won by Indian outsourcing employees who apply en masse.