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Immigrants in California without Health Insurance

Is this a reason for panic, when you don’t have health insurance in the U.S.?

Is it true or an falsely created panic by the U.S. government and healthcare system? The system does everything possible to insert in American’s head that they cannot live without insurance, and if you can then your life is in a nightmare, and probably you will pick up some kind of deadly disease.

Let’s try to figure outHealth Insurance

So to date, about 45 million uninsured people live in the United States, and about 20 million have so insecure insurance that even an elementary visit to the doctor has to be extra paid. Not each U.S. resident can claim expensive treatment in the event of such a need.

There are many immigrants afraid to be on a hospital bed without insurance, because of deportation fear, but is it so?

One of the main principles of American healthcare, which is prescribed in many official documents, that it does not matter whether you have medical insurance, where you live, and who you are. You will not be rejected by the U.S. healthcare system if you seek help. And if this principle did not work then the mass media and social networks would be crowded of blatant cases of heart-rending stories about the deaths of people who have never got help.

To date, perhaps the best guarantee, is the presence of a cache, upon arrival in the hospital. Many clinics make good discounts to patients willing to pay for services in cash.

Remember, almost each hospital in America has an annual budget for treating patients without insurance.

Of course, the budget amount is not disclosed, but for sure 100% always spend.