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Medical examination for visa application

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medical-examinationWhen applying for any type of visa, one should have a medical examination, which is mandatory, despite of the age.
This medical will be valid for six months since the examination date. It is also required to be valid on the arrival date to the United States, as well as the day of the visa interview.

Medical should be always performed by the Embassy approved panel physician. Usually applicants take examination at least 5 days before the date of the interview. Please note, in case a medical report is not ready, an application will be declined pending receipt. For this reason, medical should always be taken before interview.

What if the visa has been issued, but not used before the expiry date?
Sometimes it happens that the visa has been issued, but was not used before the expiry date. In this case an applicant should return his passport and visa package to the Embassy, together with a covering letter, for revocation.

This expired visa might be re-issued, in case it was not used due to special circumstances, one couldn’t control. An applicant will be also required to attend a new medical examination, obtain a new police certificate and charge visa issuance fees again.

Usually, one cannot have a copy of a medical report, as it is a protected visa record.

To adjust status in the United States, one may arrange a new medical with a physician.
One of the frequently asked questions, if the medical can be waived? For some reasons, probably yes, but it is always better to consult the Immigrant Visa Unit.