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Cancel the Green Card Lottery

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One Way Immigration ReformDonald Trump wants to Cancel the Green Card Lottery

Donald Trump presented the reform of the draft law for the Green Card Lottery, but now it is proposed to introduce the new system which is opening opportunities for immigrants who speak English well. Such candidates will have a better chance of obtaining a residence permit, those who can financially support themselves and their families, also, be possessed of skills, necessary for the growth of the American economy.

Trump already called this reform “one of the biggest changes in the immigration system in half a century.”

Of course, after all, the Green Card Lottery for the past 50 years was one of the most accessible ways of immigration for almost everyone because it was conducted by the government every year.

Mr. President believes such changes are aimed at protecting Americans by reducing the flow of low-skilled labor and thus the Americans will receive more salaries.

The RAISE project is designed to replace the old order and introduce a new system based on individual merits of each applicant.

Do Not EnterThe basic requirements for the participants of the Green Card Lottery:

  • The availability of secondary education.
  •  A participant must be citizens of those countries that are not disqualified from the VD program (the country can be removed from the competition if the number of its immigrants to the United States exceeds the limit of 50,000 people over 5 years).
  • The applicant must submit his brief biographical data and a photo of the corresponding sample.
  • Participation is not accepted by those persons who were early convicts or those who had violated with visa-laws of the United States, persons with socially dangerous diseases.
  • Only one application form will be allowed to run, otherwise all submitted questionnaires will be disqualified.