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Culture shock: after arrival in the United States …

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culture shockMany Russian girls dream to marry an American man, because it means to move to the United States – one of the most advanced countries in the world where all the dreams are fulfilled, no wonder because there is a saying – American dream. In order to move and live in the United States, firstly a groom (an American citizen) and a bride (a non-American citizen) apply for a K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa. Then the K1 visa holder can marry a U.S. citizen within 90 days after arrival to the U.S. and then get a Green Card through Marriage, which will give the opportunity and the right to work, study and live in the United States. A loving husband, happy kids, own house or apartment, a car, a prestigious job – all this attracts and fascinates. However, sometimes it is not so good as we think. Expectation and reality do not always coincide.

Culture Shock is a very common phenomenon among foreigners.

The period of adaptation to a new country, a new way of life takes time. Almost every foreigner is faced with such a widespread notion of “culture shock”. What is it? This happens when a person gets into another, different from the usual cultural environment. The old conventional ideas of norm are facing new, and there is a conflict of two cultures in human consciousness. Most people who came to the United States experience not only inner discomfort, but also physical, it’s not so easy just to accept the culture and traditions of another country. Moreover, Russia and the U.S. are countries with completely different mentalities and order. Research on this subject says that in three months after arrival at a new place, the differences between the old and new cultures are so obvious that may cause immigrant’s anxiety and constant irritation.

After coming to the U.S., the first thing that catches the eye is the skyscrapers and big cars – pickup trucks and huge SUVs. If you 4 stages of culture shockmove to a large city, densely populated, then you may be surprised by the fact that the streets are so crowded that you can’t even move and park your car. Large number of fast food restaurants and this is one of the reasons of mass obesity. The great difference between Russian and American people is that Americans always smile a lot. You can not say these smiles are insincere or cynical, they just smile, and it’s a part of their culture. A Russian person likes to talk heart to heart, but an American always smiles and greets, no matter where he/she is.

What are the ways to resolve intercultural conflict?

One of the common ways to resolve intercultural conflict is to completely assimilate and forget about your culture and origin. It is not good but sometimes it is necessary. For example, if a person comes, for example, in a small town somewhere in Oklahoma, not a major democratic city, like New York or San Francisco, he/she will try to conform local culture and the rules of life, or he/she might simply not be accepted.

You can also partially assimilate, for example, in the sphere of professional activity you function according to the rules of a new culture, and at home, with family and close friends you follow the traditions of your country, celebrate national holidays etc.

Many people completely refuse to accept the culture and tradition of a foreign country, they unite in ghetto, where they feel most comfortable.

In fact, the best way to immerse into a culture environment without losses is to accept life and people as they are. There is no perfection in the world, it is not necessary to get stuck on bad things. Nice and kind people are everywhere, you just need to try and see them.