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Rental Property

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property rentToday a lot of foreigners, especially the Russians are buying real estate in the United States for the rental purpose, and making a profit. Many foreign investors are buying real estate in the United States without being present physically in the United States. There are a variety of property search options in order to rent: you can do it yourself (via the internet) or contact an agent for real estate. An agency may take a commission for their services, from half to a full month’s rent size at the time of signing the lease. Who will pay the commission – renter or tenant – depends on the conditions of the contract.


The contract can be concluded for one year or more, the rental rate is specified in the contract and does not change until the expiration of the term.

Depending on the market situation, the rental rate may change after the expiry of the contract term or remain the same as before. In the case of non-observance of the terms of agreement, one party may terminate the contract or file a lawsuit demanding compensation for the damage.

If the only purpose is to rent, then, according to market experts, it is better to buy an inexpensive one-bedroom apartment as the most cost-effective facility. Experts also recommend investing in real estate in Florida. Sellers of serviced apartments promise from 5 to 8% profit. The apartments that cost from $70000 up to $150000 dollars bring to their owners $400-800 dollars per month. Many of them are sold already with concluded lease agreements.

Resort property is more functional than urban.

In any country the decisive factor for the choice of the investment object is location. For Russian investors it is more profitable to invest in an apartment in a residential or resort complexes. Usually they are in a convenient location – close to beaches, places of entertainment – and have their own infrastructure: swimming pools, gyms and more. If this is metropolis – it is more profitable to buy real estate in the central and business areas with developed infrastructure. In major economic centers it makes sense to buy property mainly for long-term lease, while at the resorts also for short-term.

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