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GOP bill lets foreigners buy US citizenship for $1 million

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Since Donald Trump has become a President, immigrants and citizens of the U.S. are discussing this subject:  will there be some changes in the naturalization process, and if it will be more difficult, than it is now? Though there are no changes yet, some are still predictable and possible.
For instance, Two House Republicans suggesting change the process of gaining citizenship with selling visas for $1 million. They claim it can fund border security efforts. The plan is proposed by Rep. Dana, R-Calif Rohrabacher and cosponsored by Rep. John Carter, R-Texas.

Many Republicans also suggest endowing some preferences in obtaining visa process to skilled workers.

Rohrabacher explained: “This bill would eliminate the currently existing and highly controversial diversity visa lottery program (which currently allocates 55,000 visas annually), and replace it with a new program whereby an individual who pays a $1 million fee to the U.S. government ($500,000 for dependent children) will be granted a visa for permanent residence”.
This innovation presumes an immigrant to be granted citizenship certificate within two years of the transaction.

At the same time, it does not mean non-citizens will face easier interview or vetting requirements, compared to other candidates. As a result, all the collected money should be transferred to a border security and immigration enforcement account.

This program will help to finance both Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Customs and Border Protection.