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Looking forward U.S. citizenship

medical aid provider

Any dream may turn into reality, when it becomes an aim. It is easy to make sure about it once again, looking at one young persistent and willing woman, named Fatima Bohol.

She arrived to the United States in 2011 for the first time from Cebu City, Philippines. Now she is 23 and she is working on a Green card, meanwhile her family still lives in Southeast Asia, except of her mother, who arrived together with Fatima to work on Green Card too.


Young woman explains, that she arrived to receive new opportunities, as they always open the door to a good future.

The main Fatima’s goal is to acquire naturalization in the U.S. According to the immigration process, one can apply for citizenship only after living in a country for more than 5 years.

For this 5 years, woman managed to receive a certified nurse’s aide and has started working toward a four-year degree in psychology online course. Online courses become more and more popular, giving students opportunity to work or raise children. By the way, Fatima also have a little 2 years old daughter.


So, on 2016 Fatima applied for naturalization, and started to prepare the upcoming test, which comprises different tests in different subjects: American government, history and civics and the rights and responsibilities of a citizen.

Young woman shared her feelings about this test, as she managed to answer all 100 questions correctly, which is rare, as the test itself presumes one to give 6 correct answers out of each 10. It also includes English test in writing, speaking and reading.

“I was really nervous. I’m scared that I’m not going to pass it” the girl says, “But I did it perfectly. I’ve waited for this for five years and I really want to be an American citizen. It’s my own choice”.


One week left, and Fatima will receive her certificate of naturalization and a small USA flag.

The next huge and real aim for Fatima is to do everything possible to bring her husband to the U.S. Though she knows it is not a simple thing to do, there is enough will and persistence in this woman to reunite her own family.

The woman was also asked, if there is something she is missing about the Philippines, and she is laughing with the answer: “Pancit, a rice noodle dish”. My mother showed me how to cook it when I was a girl, so I still don’t miss any chance to cook it and treat my friend here.

Of course, Fatima miss her native city and home, but she is still looking forward next week, to receive the naturalization certificate.