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Immigrants can not pay Expensive U.S. hospitals

If you don’t have insurance?

However each non-insured immigrant, risks falling into the next financial situation: a medical institution offers him medical treatment or medical care in installments and, of course, it requires collecting a lot of documents. In the end, the sum turns out to be enormous.Health Money

And now the most important thing for everyone is to pluck up courage and remember that health is not measured in money. And in the end, does not matter the invoice amount from the hospital, the most important for you is getting qualified support on time.

But here, for the majority of American citizens, as it is not strange, the idea of ​​threatening financial debt is much worse than the threat to their health, especially if it concerns people older than middle age.

Such cases are very often, the patient begins to find out the relationship with medical institutions. But this process, destroys his health even more, nervous and falling into a state of depression. All would be nothing, but this process is burdened with embezzlement of such precious at this stage as time. For example, once, a resident of Wisconsin Hugh D. 62, who in the shortest time required a complicated operation on the liver, refused to pay for services in the amount of $ 400,000, requiring a 15% discount. The discussion dragged on, and the man underestimated his own health, was died. Unfortunately, in this not equal battle was won only the health care system.

There are exceptions from all the rules, aren’t they?

So, there is a category of non-insured Americans who are not very interested to pay for bills that have to be paid for many years for treatment, but why?

Here is an interesting fact: a majority citizens with middle-income, who received such medical services, usually pay no more than 20% of the debt, and even do not pay the bills. Interestingly, these people are not violators of the country’s legislation.

Remember, money is nothing compared to your life!