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Work in the USA for immigrants. How to get a green card while working?

The American labor market is one of the most competitive in the world. In this country, the unemployment rate is usually kept in the region of 4-4.5%. The most reliable way to find a job in the USA is through acquaintances, friends, relatives who already live in the States. However, working in the United States for immigrants is not an easy process. Starting from looking for a job and obtaining a visa to settling in the States.

Basic requirements for foreign workers

  1. Knowledge of English . For highly skilled professions, this is a mandatory requirement. Reception of documents, interviews are conducted exclusively in English. In addition, without knowing the language, you can only count on low-paying jobs. Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you can get a job in a Russian-speaking company. However, with the obligation to learn English as soon as possible.
  2. Diploma nostrification . Not all employers recognize degrees outside the United States. Therefore, first check with the potential employer what the requirements are for this document.

Work in the USA

Nostrification – confirmation of the authenticity of the diploma. This service is paid and is carried out by special agencies. To review the application, you will need to collect all documents related to your education. Waiting for confirmation of the diploma will take about a month. As a result, you will receive a special certificate with a unique number. It should be noted that the scientific degree in the issued American analogue may be lower.

Application for obtaining a green card through employment in the USA

The H-1B work visa holder, other work visa holders and prospective employees can ask their employer or prospective employer to sponsor them and petition for permanent residency in order to receive a Green Card.

One of the great advantages of the H1B visa is that for immigration purposes it is considered a dual intent work visa. This means that you are allowed to work as a non-immigrant. Therefore, your stay in the United States is temporary and after completing your work for a certain period of time, you will leave the United States. However, the H-1B visa has a dual option, allowing you to a green card application (legal permanent residence) while continuing to work with your current work visa H-1B.

The H-1B visa is not the only work visa that allows this dual intent. The L-1 visa for corporate translators and the O-1 visa for workers with outstanding ability are also considered dual intent visas, among other types of visas.

Work in the USA