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How COVID-19 has changed the United States

The number of deaths in the United States has reached 58,365, according to Johns Hopkins University. That’s more than a quarter of all the deaths in the world.

Political battle

President Donald Trump is neglecting this virus and thinking first and foremost of his country’s economy. No national announcement has been made in the United States to impose a total quarantine on the entire population. Some states are stricter than others and put in place sanctions for not wearing a mask. While others are thinking of reopening their signs.

Many scientific tests have been carried out but have not yet been successful. The president even wanted to order the injection of disinfectant on infected patients. This angered American residents and surprised the world.

The World Health Organization is very concerned about this virus on a global level, but the American president preferred to step aside and play the ignorant.

Global Health Crisis

At the moment, the American population is very worried and their doubts about the President’s ability to manage this health crisis are growing.

Economic Battle

Some companies continue to double their business and increase their turnover. For example, many Americans have decided to buy guns in order to be safer. Many buy guns or shotguns to protect themselves because they imagine the worst and feel that having a gun on you makes you feel safer. Many of them think that when they run out of food and strangers ring their doorbell, they will be ready to fight back. So there is no limit to carrying a gun in the United States?

At the same time, many companies have gone out of business and are closed. Many employees find themselves unemployed and do not have enough money to support themselves and their families. Fortunately, many volunteers give food for free to people in need.

Moreover, in supermarkets, it is incredible how selfish human beings are in a crisis situation. Toilet paper or pulp breaks in many states.

Reinforcement of social inequalities in the United States

Many cities in the United States, mostly made up of black African-Americans, are in a critical situation. The consequences of this virus are more important for people over 65 years old or suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma…).

For example, the city of Baltimore, located in the Northeast of the United States is one of the poorest cities in the country (a third of the population lives below the poverty line). Made up of many suburbs and ghettos, it is one of the main targets of COVID 19, where people’s chances of survival are lower.

In addition, there are also many homeless people in New York City (80,000). It is the city with the highest number of cases in the world. The homeless have poor hygiene conditions (a problem of access to a water point or live in insalubrity).

Many people in the United States do not have access to a health care system. Only the better-off have the chance to access quality medical care. Getting treatment is very expensive.

On the other hand, you have wealthy people in the country, who don’t have to worry about the arrival of this virus. Many luxury hotels such as the HAMILTON, allow businessmen to enjoy luxury confinement ($200 per day to be in impeccable working conditions and reinforced security measures).

Finally, you have the more fortunate, who isolate themselves from the rest of the population by spending their forties in luxury bunkers, fully equipped (for example in SOUTH DAKOTA).

The coronavirus to reinforce social inequalities in the United States, with critical consequences on the most vulnerable. As far as the political aspect is concerned, many disputes have arisen and called into question the election of the president.