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Job Fair Work and Travel 2017 in Moscow

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work travel usa 2017

In February Moscow invites the Russian students from the Russian universities to a Job Fair Work and Travel USA 2017. Large American companies, together with the representatives of the CIEE, one of the leading sponsors and organizers of Work and Travel Program USA, will hold a presentation and personal interview as part of the program on February 5 in Moscow. Every student will be able to get acquainted with the future employer and pass a personal interview.

Work and Travel USA is the most famous student exchange program, it is a unique opportunity to practice and learn English, earn some money, gain new experiences, make new acquaintances, friends, and also to make an unforgettable trip to the United States, Canada and Mexico. With the Work and Travel USA program you can discover a lot about America, you can get acquainted with its history, culture and traditions.

Program Work and Travel USA is designed for 3-4 months, the maximum time the student is given for job. Today Work and Travel USA program allows Russian students to work in an American company, interning there for over 4 months, thus gaining invaluable experience in the U.S. companies, make new friends and get a lot of impressions during the summer vacation.

Work and Travel program can be divided into 2 parts: work and travel. Every student has the right to work in the period from 15 May to 15 September; the student can select the date of the work individually, according to the plans and the dates of the summer session, and personal plans. The jobs are only offered in the service sector, these are the theme parks, restaurants, shops, national parks and hotels. There is a list of prohibited types of work, which is published on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow in the section «Job Placement Requirements».

At the end of work every student has the right for a second part of the program – a journey. Travel may last 30 calendar days maximum, the student chooses for himself/herself the duration of travel and route. Every student has the right to go home immediately after job, without traveling. During the travel time the student has no right to work.

There are some requirements for the program participants:

  • The student must be 18-23 years old at the time of departure;
  • Only full-time students;
  • Knowledge of the English language is not below average (intermediate);

It is better to start a paperwork procedure at the beginning of the school year in order to issue the documents, book the tickets and find a place for work. Here is the list of required documentation for participants of the program:

  • Participant form (from the American sponsor);
  • CV + photo with a smile, 3*5 to 4*5;
  • Certificate from the university in the Russian and English languages;
  • International passport.


To learn more about the immigration information, visit the website http://www.usimmigrationapplication.org/visas/j1-exchange-visa