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USA Citizenship through Naturalization

If people want to become a US citizen, then this opportunity can be realized through naturalization.

Naturalization is legal procedure whereby permanent residents of the United States can become United States citizens.

citizenship through naturalization

Application for Naturalization

Applicants must submit Form N-400 to the Citizenship and Immigration services. Photographs, a copy of the Green Card and a receipt for the application fee are also attached. Applicants are required to go through fingerprinting at the Application Support Center.

Then Immigration Service assigns an interview for naturalization. During the interview, officers ask the questions about moral character, facts from the biography of the applicant, arguments to support his case, readiness to take the oath of allegiance to United States, and also verify identity documents.

If everything is right, the Citizenship and Immigration Services will approve your application for naturalization.

There are few requirements to get USA Citizenship through Naturalization:

  • You are the USA permanent resident more than three or five years(depends on status);
  • You can write, read and speak in English;
  • To have the knowledge about the USA history and be agree with the main principals of the government;
  • Loyalty to United States.

There are few reasons for rejection or difficulties of  Citizenship through  Naturalization:

  • Criminal records and various issues with law;
  • Financial and tax issues in the native country;
  • Religion Islam;
  • Green card holder stay outside the United States for more than 6 months;
  • Suspicion of falsification of certain facts.

Therefore, people should contact to companies that specialize in questions of naturalization and permanent residense of the United States.