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USA Exchange Visitor Visa

The J1 visa in the United States is a visa for participants in programs for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of education, medicine, science and culture. Students, trainees, teachers of schools and teachers of high schools, medical workers, and also the persons who are engaged in research work can receive USA visa J1.

Visa for the exchange program in the United States (category J1) – provided for persons who have the goal of educational or cultural exchange of knowledge and skills to strengthen inter-state relations. This exchange takes place in the fifteen areas chosen by the United States Department of State. The initiators and sponsors of the organization of exchange programs are public private agencies in the United States.


There is a list of necessary documents for getting a USA visa J1:

• Сolor photo (size 5×5 cm);

• Receipt of consular fees ($ 160);

• Documents about education, and for students – a copy of a student card and a certificate stating that you are a student of this institution;

• Оriginal form DS-2019;

• Рayment receipt of the SEVIS fee;

• DS-160 (application form) for a J1 visa in the United States, completed in English;

• International passport with a validity of not less than six months from the date of the planned end of stay in the United States;

• Documents confirming your financial ability to pay for living and studying in the USA.

And also you can add various documents which will confirm your intention to get a visa for cultural, educational purposes.