us embassy rigaThe U.S. Embassy is situated in Riga. It works to develop and sustain the important and longstanding relationship between Latvia and the USA, and provide consular assistance to U.S. nationals and the Latvians.

In the consulates people, who wish to travel, work, study in the United States, can: establish and renew passports and other official documents, apply for different kinds of visas (non-immigrant visas: K-1 fiancee visa, F-1 student visa, B-1 business visa, J-1 exchange visa, C-1 transit visa etc., and immigrant visas: green card), renew a visa and other types of services.

Here is the contact information of the U.S. Embassy in Latvia:

U.S. Embassy in Riga

1 Samnera Velsa St. (former Remtes)

Riga LV-1510


Phone: +371 6710 7000 ( Duty officer (only after working hours): +371 2920 5708)

Fax: +371 6710 7050


Information for the U.S. nationals traveling to Latvia:

The U.S. Embassy is responsible for its own fellow U.S. citizens, living or travelling in the host country. The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Riga is available to assist U.S. citizens with an emergency during working hours from Monday through Friday between 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., except for public holidays. After hours emergencies are handled by the embassy duty officer. Situations such as the arrest, serious illness, injury, destitution, or death of a U.S. citizen constitute emergencies. The U.S. nationals can schedule the appointment online. Citizens with lost or stolen passports must go in person to apply for a same-day emergency passport at the U.S. Embassy.