embassy warsaw

The U.S. Embassy is situated in Warsaw, the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow, and the U.S. Consular Agency in Poznan. These units offer a big variety of services to citizens of the United States who are living or traveling in Poland and Polish citizens. The consular offices across Poland work to develop and sustain the important and longstanding relationship between Poland and the USA, and provide consular assistance to U.S. nationals and Poles.

U.S. Citizen Services include Emergency Services, U.S. Passports, Federal Programs and Child and Family Matters. In the local U.S. consulates Poles who want to travel, work, study etc. in the U.S. can: establish and renew passports and other official documents, apply for different kinds of visas: work visas (H-1B visa), student visas (F-1, M-1, J-1 visas), business visas (B-1), tourist visas (B-2), K-1 Fiancée Fiancé Visa etc., renew a visa, the green card applicants can finish their process for immigrant visa and become green card holders.

Here is the contact information of the U.S. consulates in Poland:

U.S. Embassy in Warsaw

Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31

00-540 Warsaw Poland

Tel.: +48 22 504 2000


U.S. Consulate General in Krakow

  1. Stolarska 9

31-043 Krakow

Tel.: +48 12 424 5100

Fax: +48 12 424 5103


Consular Agency in Poznan

  1. Paderewskiego 8

61-770 Poznan

Tel.: +48 61 851 8516

Fax.: +48 61 851 8966


Information for the U.S. nationals traveling to Poland:

The U.S. Consulate is responsible for its own fellow citizens, living or travelling in the host country. At the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and at the U.S. Consulate General in Krakow the appointments are required for all routine services. At the U.S. Consular Agency in Poznań appointments are required for all services. The U.S. citizens can apply for a passport, report Births, Deaths, Marriages, Divorces, Adoptions etc. happened in the host country, they can also receive help with social security, notary services and other issues.