citizenship usa

The Citizenship of the United States includes several benefits like having a U.S. passport, the right to work, study and live permanently in United States. The process of becoming a U.S. citizen is also known as naturalization. Some people are born U.S. citizens and other people become naturalized citizens.

Before attending the interview, the candidate should prepare all the necessary documentation, fill the Form N-400 correctly, otherwise a consular officer may ask him/her for some additional information if his/her application is incomplete. The applicant must answer all the questions honestly.

To complete the application package, the person should take two standard, passport-style, and color photographs with the application. The photographs should have white background and a full frontal view of the face. The head should be bare with all facial features visible. On the back of each photograph the applicant has to print his/her name and “A-number” lightly in pencil. (“A-number” is the alien registration number, assigned by Department of Homeland Security to each person, followed by eight numbers, for example: A45 785 648).

In most cases, a citizenship candidate needs to send the copies of the documents with the application to the USCIS Lockbox that serves his/her area, and then be prepared to bring the originals to the interview. It is very important because if the copies of the necessary documents will not be sent, the processing of the application may be delayed. Note: If the applicant is the citizen of non-English speaking country, all the documents must be sent with the English translation; it must have a statement from translator that it is complete and correct. Moreover, in addition to the application and all the required documentation, the person should also send a fee on the one page with the application insert titled “Current Naturalization Fees”.

If the applicant lives abroad, the documents must be sent to the USCIS Lockbox Facility that serves the USCIS office where he/she wants to have interview.


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